With project experience across many market sectors, including:  Institutional, Corporate, Life Sciences, Laboratories, and more -  ACH Constructors staff has over 60 years of combined project experience. 

You may contact us for more in depth information or questions related to our project experience by calling us at 919.484.9550 or emailing info@achconstructors.com

Some of our recent feature projects include:





Campus Decommissioning




Pharmaceutical Lab Renovations




Pharmaceutical Washroom Additions




Process Utility Skid




Duke Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL)




Cooling Towers Phase I & II




Duke University NMR Work




Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifier

EV Charging Stations

Buss Duct Project

Automated Doser Equipment

SwitchGear Replacement



Clean Room Renovation



Starbucks Kiosk Renovations

Boiler Renovation