The safety and well being of all personnel working for ACH is paramount. ACH is committed to implementing and fostering an Injury Free Workplace (IFW) throughout our company and on every project. IFW is a company mindset where no injury is acceptable and safety is not optional. At ACH, safety has become personal to each of us and is a way of life. We value and respect every worker; performing work in a manner that minimizes risk of injury is how we conduct our business. All injuries are preventable when safety becomes an everyday value as it has to us.

New Safety Tool!

In an effort to keep facility work safer and minimize impact to critical operations we have developed a scope and safety list for our vendors. Vendors work short periods in numerous plants and are exposed to various levels of safety and operations. We want to minimize confusion and make sure the vendor is clear on scope and safety on our sites. Follow Link Below to Document.

Daily Vendor Site Visit Form


ACH holds weekly safety toolbox talks on the job led by our field superintendents. All field employees and subcontractors are required to complete daily and monthly safety and work reports.  Our partners can access the necessary forms through our FTP site.

ACH also conducts quarterly safety meetings for all field employees and active subcontractors. Quarterly meetings are held the 3rd week of that month. For a calendar of upcoming events click here. For a list of recent safety events ACH has participated in, visit News.


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